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Lucky Bamboo Instructions

Container - Arrangements - Sunlight - Watering - Fertilizer - Meanings - Sickness

Get a suitable container without a hole in the bottom, for example a bowl or even a coffee mug. There are many types of containers that you can use, pick one out that is good for you. Add porous rocks, sea shells, etc. to the bottom. This is to allow the roots to grow and to provide a solid base. You can clean the rocks or leave them dirty. We clean ours just because it makes a more pleasing arrangement.

Arrange bamboo sticking in to the rocks. If you have a several stalks and want to bundle them, try an old piece of panty hose. This way it does not harm the bamboo and if you use a rubber band it will eventually break. Add more rocks around the sides to stabilize. Fill with bottled or distilled water, most water systems have too much chlorine and chemicals in the water and this can damage your Lucky Bamboo. Some people believe that you only fill up a container just past the first knot. The only reason you might do that is if you have short bamboo, normally the bamboo will not begin a new shoot from underneath the water or rock line. Your bamboo can have several shoots growing from the initial base.

Place in sunny area, but NOT direct sunlight. Your Lucky Bamboo does like the sunny areas, but the direct sun can kill it and dry up the water rather fast. Too much sun turns the leaves and stalk white or very light in color.

Replace water every 2 weeks, once a week if marbles are used. You will learn by experience when to change the water. The more your plant grows or the more bamboo you have in one container the more often you will need water. Remember to use bottled or distilled water.

If desired add 1-3 drops of Green Green 2 after changing water. We sell the plant food for non flowering green plants called Green Green, it is fairly cheap and well worth it. This is not for everyone, some people have the perfect place for their bamboo and it thrives. Lucky bamboo is an indoor plant do not plant outside, you can plant in dirt but please keep it very wet.

The meaning of Lucky Bamboo stalks, 3 happiness, 5 wealth, 7 health, 8 luck, 21 all meanings. Lucky bamboo started as a wedding gift, then transformed to the friendship plant. Lucky bamboo has been lucky for over 4000 years.

How to tell if your Lucky Bamboo is sick? If the stalk turns white and drys up, you can still save the shoot. Break it off and place it in its own water conatiner, and remove the dried up stalk from the others. It is too late for that stalk. This is only bad luck for the plant and not for you. There are times when there is no explaination as to why but here are some reasons and how you can help. Too much sunlight will turn the stalk light in color and dry the leaves up. Remember the leaves are full of water and the sun evaporates the water out. Some leaves turn yellow or brown. Not enough water or poor water supply. Start using bottled water or distilled water. You can also use a drop or 2 of Green Green to bring a stalk back to life.

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