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Mist of Dreams Instructions

Bowl - Ionic Mister - Oils

The bowl needs to be cleaned about once per month, depending upon the following: if you use oils for fragrance more frequient cleaning is required, the use of tap water requires more frequient cleaning. Water deposits appear on the bowl, this does not harm the bowl it just is not pretty.

Ionic Mister cleaning. Drain all the water. Remove the mister from bowl. Use the provided tool (not in all misters) to remove the retaining ring, you can use a spoon to do the same task. After removing the disc clean with a old toothbrush and vinegar (best) or alcohol, wash with water thoroughly. Do not get the inside of the misting unit wet. If for some reason you do not get the same volume of mist as you once had please consider cleaning the mister first then if that does not work please purchase a ceramic disc kit.

Oils, add just a couple of drops every 3 days. You can at this time change the fragrance to another flavor at this time. Please do not use any alcohol based oil, use only pure oils.

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