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Money Tree Instructions

Container - Arrangements - Sunlight - Watering - Meanings - Sickness

Get a suitable container with a hole in the bottom, for example a normal flower pot. There are many types of containers that you can use, pick one out that is good for you. Add rich potting soil to the bottom. This is to allow the roots to grow and to provide a solid base.

Place money tree in the center with some of the big fat roots still sticking out of the top of the pot. Fill in with potting soil, pack lightly.

Place in sunny area, but NOT direct sunlight. Your Money Tree does like the sunny areas, but the direct sun can kill it and dry up the leaves.

Add water when the roots are dry or slightly moist. Stick a finger into the pot to find out if it needs watering. Do not over water, the tree trunk becomes rather moist and dies. Do not use fertilizer, it is too much for this delicate plant.

The meaning of the money tree: in fung shui it is a wood product and you need to place it in an area that requires wood to bring prosperity also the 5 leaves mean money in chinese.

I do not know even if you can save it from dying. Once it has been over watered the trunk becomes mush. The only thing I can think is to take off the shoots and try to replant them.

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