A representative of the place I used to work telephoned today, offering my old job back, as a consultant. Naturally, it was a tentative offer, depending on approval of their hiring a consultant and my getting a security clearance. Since I cannot go into many details, due to security reasons, let me just say that it was a nightmare in the daytime when I worked there and wild horses couldn't drag me back.

It was gratifying that they called me because I still believe that I had a special expertise, knowledge, and talent for that particular job that few people possess. And, before I left, I was somewhat insulted by the opinion of the M-9 personnel who basically took over our Group that they were so much superior to our people. Since I WAS our people (the only one we had), that was really insulting! The fact that they came to that opinion without ever coming to our site during a weapons test is revealing.

However, during my absence, one of my previous bosses took over the job and has been very good at it, even though I don't think he is conscientious enough and doesn't take care of every single little detail that should be taken care of. Perhaps I'm just very picky. He's not. But I trained him the best I could before I left and he has apparently been doing a fine job (even though I would never approve of it). I thought he was sloppy and did not insist that every single piece of the equipment be in perfect working order before firing a shot. It should be.

I still have nightmares about that job and the main nightmare is that I have been called back to it, without a security clearance or badge, we are exploding a bomb at night, Steve is in charge because I am only a consultant, it's dark inside the bunker, nothing is where it is supposed to be, the control system and monitoring systems are not working right, and Steve wants to go ahead and set off the explosion without correcting the problems. That's scary!

I thought about calling this e-mail, "Good News and Bad News."

The Good News is: I was offered my old job back.

The Bad News is: I was offered my old job back.