14th: I telephoned Roy-El Horse Farm about getting some manure and was told they had already commissioned all of their manure this week and that I should call back next week. That's the same story they gave me last week. They don't seem to want to put me on their list. I telephoned Spirit Horse Farm about getting manure and was told they were selling the business and only had one horse left, but I was welcome to try to scrape up enough manure to use. I will do that tomorrow.

Don Gettemy came by this afternoon to pick up his trailer, so I won't have it to get the manure with, but there probably won't be enough manure to need it anyway. It would just be easier than using garbage bags. Don said he might bring me a load of manure from Los Alamos on Sunday, but wasn't certain he would be done by then.

15th: Don sent me an e-mail stating that he had a trailer load of horse manure for me and asking if I had a rototiller. I didn't, but thought that Ella did.

When I went over to Ella's to ask about borrowing a rototiller, Maria was sitting on Anthony's front steps. She had returned Monday afternoon. That could get her in real trouble after calling the State Police to take her to her mother's because she said that Anthony was abusing her, then returning the very next day. There's something about crying "Wolf!" too often.

Maria's Crazy Cousin Chris was in the news. He and another man broke into a church and stole some statues. Now, they are in jail and facing charges of Grand Larceny, which could result in prison sentences for both of them. If so, Maria will not have to worry about him hurting her for a few years.

I asked Harold about borrowing Ella's rototiller and he said the only rototiller they had was his, but he would bring it down from White Rock tomorrow. I telephoned Don, told him that, and asked him when he was planning to bring the manure down. He was very iffy and said maybe today or maybe tomorrow.

I drove to Espanola and got three garbage bags of horse manure from Spirit Horse Farm. They have a lot more manure there and I hope Don leaves his trailer down here, so I can haul a lot more in for composting. This land sure needs all it can get. Don said that the trailer load he had would be more than my garden needed. Is he joking? Ten trailer loads would not be enough.

At about 3:00 p.m., Don brought a trailer load of horse manure and we unloaded it on the garden. The wind was strong and I got a lot of manure dust all over me, including in my eyes. The load looked like a lot of manure until I spread it with a rake and raked it level. Then it was only about two inches thick.

16th: It was only about 30 degrees this morning. The low temperatures have only been down to 38 degrees lately, but that was a cold wind yesterday.