Dear Folks,

I'm shifting more sand again; shifting it up from the irritation ditch to my lot. The people cleaning out the irritation ditch piled a huge pile of sand in my water pump access area, blocking me from putting my water pump in the ditch to water my garden and lawn.

I started trying to dig through the huge pile of sand today, but the pile is just too big! I'll have to route my water pump power cable and water hose around the pile until I can get the sand all dug out. According to my calculations, that should only take me about three more months.

I used some of the sand to increase the height of the berm around my garden. The berm has to be raised higher because I'm adding manure to the garden, which increases the height of the garden, thus causing erosion of the bluff, if the berm is not high enough to contain the water. I used the rest of the sand to increase the width of the back southeastern part of my lot. If I can use all of the sand that has to be dug out of the water pump access area for that purpose, the back of my lot should become about six feet wider; just about what I will need to build a storage shed back there. Does that seem like a planned event to you?

I plan to get another trailer load of manure today, but need to get out early before the wind gets vicious. The wind has been bad every afternoon for three days. It became too strong Tuesday for me to shovel any sand at all. So strong, in fact, that it almost knocked me down just walking from the house to the car. The news report said it was much worse in Colorado. That's hard to believe.

The temperature was 30 degrees this morning.