28th: Maria came over just before 5:00 p.m. and said her telephone did not work. She used my telephone to call GTE. They did a line check on her number and said it was OK. I took my test phone over. Her line was OK, but there was a broken wire at her outlet. No wonder: Their outlet is not mounted on the wall. They just ran the telephone cabla through their back door and drag it around the house while using their telephone. I have seen her even drag it out their front door. Just before I finished fixing that, Anthony came home. He just glared at me and would not talk to me. I have quit saying "Hi!" to him because he never says anything back.

29th: I walked down to get the mail and talked with Mike Martinez for a while. He said there was a big fight up here last night. Anthony (Lot 2) and Johnny (Lot 4) got into a knife fight and Anthony said he was going to kill Johnny. The State Police were here and Harold Lujan came down from White Rock.

On my way back home, I saw Maria walking her dog. Her right arm was bandaged, so I asked her, "What happened to your arm?" She said, "I cut myself." I did not ask her about the knife fight between Anthony and Johnny.

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