In addition to the method of sprouting garden seeds that I used last year, I used a different method of sprouting seeds this year that seems quite promising. After brewing a tea, I spread the seeds on a paper towel, folded the towel, dipped it into the cool tea, and stored the seeds in a covered plastic container overnight. The next morning, I cut about 3/8" off the tops of some 9 ounce paper cups (because I could not buy eight ounce cups locally), filled them with potting soil, and planted the seeds. After that, I pushed an inverted 10 ounce clear plastic cup on the top of the paper cups to make a miniature greenhouse. The cups had to be placed in plastic base containers to keep water from leaking all over the place.

On half of the seeds, I used an instant tea, instead of brewing a tea. It seemed to work just as well.

The seeds sprouted much sooner than I expected. Their germination rate so far has been about 83% and the plants are growing rapidly. Some have grown so large that I had to remove the plastic tops. After removing the plastic tops, I mist them daily with a spray bottle, but a sprayer connected to the faucet would be much more convenient.

When it comes time to plant them outside in two or three weeks, I'll just cut the bottoms out of the paper cups and set them directly into the ground. Some people say they don't bother cutting the bottoms out of the cups, but that never worked for me before. The bottoms did not decompose and the roots could not get out.

OK, so this information is probably too late for you to use this year. Keep it handy for next year.