Hi, Fern! Glad to learn that you are using e-mail. It's a lot faster and much more convenient than Postal mail. There's nothing about using e-mail that should make you nervous. You don't get nervous when you write a letter, do you?

Roy, you will just have to quit calling me a know-it-all. Unlike you, I can do almost nothing, so when I do anything it is obviously done wrong. I do have a question that only you can answer: Do you know that Joe's e-mail address is mcconnellc@yadayada.com? Another question: Is Fern's e-mail address bigsis@nnnnnnnn.com (which address you used to send the notice that your computer had crashed) or bigsis@nnnnnnnnn.com (which you sent the notice of your new e-mail address to)?

Joe, it seems like you missed the last few e-mails from Roy, so I'll include part of one here.

On 05/01/2000, Roy McConnell wrote: We're baaacckk! Some of you missed us I know but U won't admit it! Ha! After a serious crash and many more problems and a corrupted RAM account with the e-mail we finally settled for a new account with Juno and here we go again. Yes. Yes! Les and Dan, some of them were OE problems. I hate to admit it but you two are right. I can do most anything -----but I can't do anything right. ha. Especially when it comes to computers. The frustration gets to me-- does it get to you? NO! Well, if I were a knowitall, it probably wouldn't get to me either. ha. Remember folks-- no matter what my brothers say about me--- I am one of the good guys. Oh yes! I know they were talking about me when I couldn't defend myself. ha. NOTE-- the address --- hayseedxxxx@juno.com Will see you later. Happy trails. Roy

My garden is not doing much yet. It was only 34 degrees this morning, but probably will be over 80 degrees this afternoon. I haven't even planted any tomatoes yet. I'm just slow. The humidity is about 20% and the soil is so dry that it needs to be sprinkled twice a day, but I don't have enough time to do that. Hope to plant four tomato plants today.

That crazy cat, Gato, did not come home Monday. Tuesday morning, he came in, gobbled down a LOT of cat food, rushed back out, and did not return until this morning, when he did the same thing.

Well, I'd better get outside and do some work before it gets too hot.

You all take care.