3rd: I planted four tomato plants today. It took me five hours to do that. Everything takes so much effort and I'm just so slow. I was covered with sweat and totally exhausted by the time I finished. I had planned to plant ten tomato plants this year. However, because of the space required to plant the squash plants that Roger Life wanted me to plant since his soil is not sandy enough, it looks like there is only enough room for seven plants. Instead of planting Roger's squash here, I should have offered to trade Roger a load of sand for a load of his soil. This place sure needs it.

It's obvious that the load of horse manure that I hauled in yesterday will not be enough to start a good compost pit. The pit will need at least three more trailer loads, which I hope to get within the next two weeks. Because of the scarcity of water, I use a pit to compost in instead of a pile.

Don Gettemy said he used an inside box to grow lettuce and picked it all year. That's a good idea. Since lettuce is a cool weather crop, it should grow better inside than it grows outside in this area. Maybe I should try that with a few other vegetables, too. Lack of space could be a real problem, but the benefits would be great.