Roy, that rain in New Mexico you mentioned must be a myth. I watered my lawn a week ago by letting the pump run continuously night and day for several days and moving the hose about the lawn. This week, the soil is powdery dust.

I know that Albuquerque has gotten several rains while we had none. On "Garden Talk", a Saturday radio talk show, Mr. Roland said he dug down three feet to plant a tree and the soil was dust all the way down. Mr. Roland lives in Albuquerque, so the rains must not have amounted to much.

Roy, do people really call you Dummie, Knothead, and DTP? They must like you a lot. Nobody here calls me anything nice like that. But, then, that's probably because they know me so well.

Hope you are getting the rain in Iowa that they forecast. We have cloudy skies and high winds in our forecast, but no rain until late June.