I had some strange messages on my answering machine. A woman called and said, "Lester, this is Deana and I wanna know why you haven't gotten your son out of jail. I'm gonna be on your butt!" Two minutes later, she called again and said, "Lester, I wanna know why you are not picking up your phone, please." A few minutes later, the telephone rang. Being curious, I picked it up and said, "Hello?" A different woman said, "I want to talk to Sarah." I said, "You have the wrong number. This is xxx-2619." She said, "That's Sarah's number and I want to talk to her right now!" After some confusing conversation, she said, "Oh! I see. . . Sarah Maestas . . . xxx-4235." and hung up. I wonder what list she was looking at. xxx-4235 is an unlisted number.

This is a true fishing story. A bunch of people were fishing at a very small farm pond. No alcoholic beverages, smoking, or chewing tobacco were allowed. They had been sitting on the bank for quite some time, but nobody was getting a bite. One man pulled out some beef jerky and chewed off a piece. It was so foul-tasting, he just about gagged and spit it out. Another man took out some beef jerky, cut off a small piece, put it on his hook, and cast it into the pond. Almost immediately, he had a strike and pulled out a 25-1/2 inch Northern pike. Humm? Beef jerky for bait?

At 10:00 a.m., I walked over, woke Ella up, and paid her the lot rent. She told me that Anthony in Lot #2 was having a feud with Johnny in Lot #4 and she had to make them sign a notarized non-violence, non-verbal abuse, non-guesturing agreement. What a world!