Sinus Rinse Can Do As Well As Allergy Drugs It's not high-tech, but it works

Most people afflicted with seasonal allergies resort to using drugs or just stock up on tissues and weather the symptoms. But if pollen is the culprit that swells your sinuses, there's a simple, inexpensive and drug-free alternative that might help: flush the pollen with a rinse of warm water.

The procedure is known as nasal or sinus irrigation, and it's not as gross as it might sound. It requires a cup of warm water mixed with a quarter-teaspoon of non-iodized salt. Several devices are available to put the saline solution into each nostril, but a bulb syringe is the simplest. Tilting the head side-to-side then draining the solution removes much of the pollen, dust and pollution that collects in the sinuses.

Aside from reducing or preventing allergy problems, sinus irrigation can loosen nasal secretions and reduce swelling.